Xiaomi Watch S1 Active - Elevate the generation of smart watches

To open up its new technological era, Xiaomi has launched the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active smartwatch. This product is a new design that hits the smartwatch market of Xiaomi and opens a new wave for mid- and high-end smart watches. 

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
Xiaomi Watch S1 Active 

Still carrying a dynamic and sporty design style, but equipped with a larger screen with support for 60 Hz refresh rate, MIUI operating system customized specifically for smartwatches, Xiaomi Watch S1 Active will bring users a new user experience than its predecessor.
Watch S1 Active is aimed at almost every audience and user's style, whether classic or elegant, office workers or sports people,... can use this smartwatch model thanks to its dark appearance. Simple but no less personality with strong cuts on the border. 

Trendy style exudes from simple design

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active is a smart watch with a classic round design with refinement in design to create a sense of fashion but simple, classic but especially high-end. With care and care in design, this watch exudes a unique style in every detail.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
Xiaomi has equipped its watch with an AMOLED screen with a resolution of up to 466 x 466 pixels for extremely sharp display quality, vibrant colors, flattering eyes. High brightness makes it easy to see the time, notifications even when outdoors. You can also manually adjust the brightness of the device with 5 levels to suit a variety of lighting conditions. 

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
 Sapphire glass, Amoled screen displays

Luxury high-class Sapphire glass, Amoled screen displays vividly
Xiaomi Watch S1 Active has a screen part equipped with Amoled screen to enhance visibility, making the watch face clear even when used under high light intensity.

Fitted 1.43-inch screen size is equipped with high-class Sapphire glass to improve durability, limit dust and fingerprints, and increase design aesthetics. Dense pixel density up to 326 PPI perfectly covers the screen.

In addition, this watch also has a 470mAh battery that is capable of working continuously for many hours and is water resistant at a pressure of 5ATM.

The tough Gorilla Glass 3 also helps to limit breakage in the event of an unintended impact. With a face diameter of 47 mm, the watch is suitable for those with a wrist of 16 cm or more.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active

The bezel of the Watch S1 Active is finished from Fiberglass-reinforced Polymer with a raised metal bezel for better screen protection, a small plus that shows Xiaomi's sophistication. The two physical keys on the right side are very sensitive to manipulation, do not cause a feeling of need to hand, help you access the homepage, practice shortcuts quickly. 

The back of the watch is finished by Xiaomi with a high-quality matte plastic layer containing the speaker strip, mic and light sensors, health, GPS, ... but the design is not too convex, limiting the feeling of needing to be worn when worn. . The weight is only 36 grams, so it sometimes makes users forget the presence of the watch on the wrist because it is too quiet.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
The back of the watch
The strap is soft, skin-friendly. When you wear it all day long with many different activities, you still feel extremely comfortable, not sweaty. The watch band supports many steps that make it easy to adjust to suit your wrist size. You can also replace the strap thanks to the convenient quick-change latch.

In addition to bringing dynamic colors to the Watch S1 Active, Xiaomi has equipped more than 120 customizable watch faces, including unique animations for users to freely choose settings to suit their preferences. . You can also design your own interface with personalized images that make a difference.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
The strap is soft, skin-friendly

In addition, the Always On Display feature is also supported to help you easily view information on the screen without turning your wrist, but it will consume quite a bit of battery.

Xiaomi is increasingly expanding its ecosystem, specifically customizing the MIUI For Watch operating system exclusively for its smartwatch products. Not only brings a better user experience to users with an intuitive interface, vivid icons. Even if you have never used the MIUI operating system before, it is still very easy to get used to.
Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
Always On Display feature

MIUI For Watch also supports its own application store, which is well compatible with both Android (6.0 or higher) and iOS (10 or higher) operating systems, etc. In addition, thanks to the good optimization of the system. operating Xiaomi for Watch with a 60 Hz refresh rate, so swipes and touches with the watch all give a smooth experience, fast response speed. 

A feature that is of great interest to users when deciding to buy a smart watch product is the ability to listen, call, and receive notifications on the watch. For those of you who often attend meetings or practice sports, can't use your phone to check notifications, Xiaomi Watch S1 Active will support you.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
listen and receive calls directly via bluetooth

The watch has the ability to listen and receive calls directly via bluetooth connection to the phone thanks to the built-in mic and speaker, however, with calls on 3rd party applications, it only supports conversations on iOS devices, for example. with Android devices you can only see missed call notifications on the screen.

With notifications on applications such as Messenger, Zalo, ... the watch also displays a very clear Vietnamese font but still has a bit of an unreasonable line break, but you don't need to worry too much because it may be possible. Xiaomi will fix it on upcoming software updates. One small minus point is that you will not be able to reply to messages on the watch.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active

Targeting active users who love sports, Xiaomi has integrated 117 sports modes for the watch such as: Walking, jogging, cycling, ... Along with the ability to measure heart rate and Continuous SpO2 blood oxygen levels make it easy to track your training, improve and improve your health.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active

When experimenting with the "Free Workout" mode for combined exercises such as: crunches, push-ups, weight training, small steps to track and check a number of related health indicators. During exercise, the watch always measures heart rate and calories continuously to have post-workout assessment data. In addition, the device also recognizes your level of "Light" or "Intensive" exercise thanks to the Heart Rate Range analysis system. 

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active

The watch also offers a feature that can automatically switch to the appropriate mode when it recognizes a change in the user's movement such as when walking or running, whether outdoors or on a treadmill.

Xiaomi Watch always maintains the user's physical and health indicators in a comprehensive and thorough manner. Another highlight on the watch is the ability to track sleep. The watch still measures the parameters of heart rate, as well as SpO2 every time you go to bed at night.

However, the point that makes Xiaomi's smartwatch different from some competitors in the same segment is the ability to identify users taking a nap. Specifically, when the actual experience is at noon, the rest time is just over 10 minutes, but the watch is still recognizable.

Another expensive feature on the Watch S1 is that it is equipped with a dual-band GNSS chip that integrates 5 main satellite navigation systems including: GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS, combined with optimization algorithms. Advanced customization for faster, more accurate positioning, giving you professional stats when doing outdoor sports.

Xiaomi Watch owns a 470 mAh battery that significantly extends usage time. According to the manufacturer's announcement, the battery life can be up to 12 days in standard use mode to make all your long journeys more complete without worrying about running out of battery midway (however the actual time may vary depending on the intensity of use of each person).

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active
Inner accessories included

In actual use conditions when fully enabling health monitoring, location tracking, ... the battery of Xiaomi Watch S1 Active can still last for nearly a week, this number is really impressive. compared to some competitors in the same segment.

In terms of charging ability, the watch is charged through a point-contact magnet base. When doing a real charging speed test, it only takes about 1 hour and 39 minutes for the device to charge from 0% - 100% of the battery, you will not have to wait too long to fully recharge the watch battery.

To sum up, with an extremely dynamic, durable design, quality screen, effective health monitoring and exercise support features with high accuracy, dual-band GPS, small minus points. is not able to reply to messages directly on the watch, can not listen to music independently. However, Xiaomi Watch S1 Active is still a worthy companion for users who love sports or simply monitor health indicators, support daily utilities in life.


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