TWS Belkin Soundform Freedom bluetooth headset review


TWS Belkin Soundform Freedom  bluetooth headset

Detailed specifications

Brand Belkin
Made in China
Warranty period (month) 12
Design & Weight
Dimensions 5.13 x 5.4 x 3 mm
Product weight 68 g
Advanced plastic materials
Cord length 30 cm
Color White , Black
Basic parameters
Headphone type Wireless headset
Battery capacity 520 mAh
Full charge time 1 hour 15 minutes
Use time/1 charge 36 hours
10 m . connection distance
Frequency range 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Bluetooth connection type

Water Resistance IPX5
Wireless charging
Compatible operating systems : macOS , iOS , iPadOS , Android , Windows , iPadOS
Accessories in the box
Included Accessories USB-C to USB-C Cable

Outstanding Features

Not only convenient with wireless connection, TWS Belkin Soundform Freedom Bluetooth headset also features powerful bass, super-buffaloed battery life, support for charging box location, ENC noise cancellation, smart sensors Built-in, support Qi wireless charging and waterproof.

Immersive sound

TWS Belkin Soundform Freedom bluetooth headset

Belkin Soundform Freedom headphones are equipped with 2-layer drivers with a large size inside. Combined with an in-ear design, this wireless headset promises rich, vibrant sound at any volume level that the user chooses. Whether you're listening to music, playing games or watching movies, Soundform Freedom delivers impressive bass ranges, clear mids and highs so you can enjoy the finest details of the sound. Belkin headphone sound reproduces clear timbre, deep bass, suitable for listening to many genres of music.

Comfortable all day long 

TWS Belkin Soundform Freedom bluetooth headset

With years of R&D experience, Belkin has optimized the design of the Soundform Freedom to deliver a compact and ear-friendly form factor. With the same very light weight, wearing this headset almost does not create any discomfort for a long time. No matter what you use the headset for, the wearing experience is always the most comfortable. In addition, Belkin also offers 3 sizes of silicone ear cushions (S/M/L), allowing you to freely choose the right size for your ears without fear of pain when used for a long time, limiting drops. headphones out of the ears during exercise, effectively blocking background noise and improving output sound quality. 

Anti-sweat, waterproof

TWS Belkin Soundform Freedom bluetooth headset

You can use the Belkin Soundform Freedom to enjoy your music however you want. The headphones are rigorously tested and achieve an IPX5 rating. This means you won't have to worry about light rain or sweat while working out affecting your listening experience and damage to your headphones from water or other liquids.

ENC Noise Cancellation : 

TWS Belkin Soundform Freedom bluetooth headset

Noise greatly affects the user's listening or conversation experience. To effectively block noise from entering the ear, the Belkin Soundform Freedom is equipped with ENC noise cancellation technology. With crystal clear talk technology, Qualcomm aptX audio, and dual microphones, you'll always get the best call quality and sound on this headset.

Enjoy music all day long

Belkin Soundform Freedom lets you enjoy music all day long with up to 8 hours of use on the headphones per charge. In addition, the included charging cocoon provides an additional 28 hours of use. This ensures you'll have more time to enjoy your favorite podcasts, listen to all the latest songs, and finish off something from your library list. With 520 mAh battery capacity, fully charged time 1 hour 15 minutes use time/1 charge 36 hours

Don't get lost with Find My

For those who are absent-minded, they can easily forget where to put small items like wireless headphones. To solve this problem, the Belkin Soundform Freedom has integrated advanced location technology, allowing you to always know where your charging pod is. It's also one of the first non-Apple accessories to work with Apple's Find my app.

Bluetooth 5.0 connection distance is fast and stable up to 10 m
The wireless link between the headset and the phone or laptop is well maintained in a wide range, so you can use the headset more flexibly and freely. 

 Water and sweat resistant IPX5 

With an IPX5 waterproof rating, the headset is safe with a minimum of 3 minutes of low-pressure water jets. Therefore, you can feel secure when using Belkin headphones every morning when jogging outdoors or working out in the gym. 

Overall, the Belkin Soundform Wireless Bluetooth headset is a beautiful, convenient, and comfortable Belkin wireless headset with a good battery life, good water resistance, very suitable for you to use to enjoy relaxing music every day.

Products with super beautiful colors, excellent music support features, worth the money !


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