Review Huawei Watch GT 3 SE: Young design, quite cheap price

 Will a smartwatch in the "entry" price range from Huawei be different from its more advanced options?

Perhaps the absence of strong activity in the smartphone market is also an opportunity for Huawei to "bloom" in other technology products. From the MateBook laptop to the FreeBuds line of headphones and more recently the Sound Joy speaker, Huawei continuously launches new products that are not inferior to its competitors in the market, giving users more options worth considering.

Huawei Watch GT 3 SE
Huawei Watch GT 3 SE

The smartwatch market is also being strongly involved by this company, with continuously new products from Watch 3 Pro, Watch GT 3 Pro, Watch GT 3 42, 46mm and now a new product called Watch GT 3 SE. Is this smartwatch advertised as "in the mid-range segment" different from other products of the company?

box of Huawei Watch GT 3 SE
The box of the Watch GT 3 SE

The box of the Watch GT 3 SE is quite compact and with a simple white tone. The outer product color is also the inner product color, with the version we have here is Jungle Green (closer to gray) and there is also a Dark Black version.

Huawei Watch GT 3 SE
Product inside of the box

Open the box outside the watch, we will have the warranty paper, instructions and charging dock. The charging dock has USB Type-A and the wireless connector has a built-in magnet, pretty standard, nothing too special. 

Young design but also a bit cheap

So far, one thing that I still like about Huawei watches is their design and finish. From the GT 2, GT 3 series, both small and large versions have a luxurious appearance, using high-quality materials, so it is worn on the hand more like a fashion watch than a smartwatch.

Huawei Watch GT 3 SE
Young design

Coming to the Watch GT 3 SE, the company turned to a new design, with the main material used being "reinforced polymer" plastic. This is also why my first impression when I picked it up was "why is it so light?". The Watch GT 3 SE weighs just 35.6g, which is roughly the same as the 42mm GT 3, although this new version measures up to 46mm.

Huawei Watch GT 3 SE
strap used is plastic "polymer

Weight on one side will make the watch not feel "luxurious", just like smartphones - weight somewhat affects the perception of quality; but on the contrary, the lightweight watch is also comfortable to wear on the hand, does not feel like we are wearing a "shackle", easier to do everyday work or do sports.

The watch looks like a Dive watch with a seconds bezel on the outside. This ring is made more prominent than the 46mm GT 3 version, the outside also has a "gear" but it is just a decorative detail, not rotating. The 46mm size and 11mm thickness puts the Watch GT 3 SE in the mid to large range, you also need a slightly thicker wrist to fit it, at least it's not "oversized" like its previous Watch 3 Pro. !

Huawei Watch GT 3 SE
The strap used is a "polymer" rubber resin 

The strap of the Watch GT 3 SE uses 22mm wide rubber material, with a smart latch on the bottom for easy replacement. The strap is printed with the brand's name and has a large latch that looks quite strong and solid.

Huawei Watch GT 3 SE

The side has a rotating ring placed upside down, speakers and buttons. The rotation is no longer engraved with the word GT 3 but has a lemon yellow ring that is also quite youthful.

Back to the front, we have a 1.43-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 466 x 466 for a pixel density of 326 PPI. This screen is unchanged compared to the Watch GT 3 46mm, so there is nothing to complain about, has good definition, deep blacks, viewed from different angles without discoloration and enough brightness to use when going outdoors. sunny.

Durability is guaranteed by the Watch GT 3 SE with 5ATM water resistance (50m depth water resistance) and abrasion resistance. A plastic watch, without many metal elements and leather also gives me a greater sense of durability, plastic is not a material that needs to be taken care of. 

Huawei Watch GT 3 SE
1.43 inch OLED screen

Abundant amount of features

From the 3rd smartwatch version, Huawei no longer has a feature weakness like the 2nd generation. The Watch GT 3 SE version is no exception. 

You can change your watch freely, including those pre-installed by the company as well as in the store inside the Huawei Health app. In the watch, there are many multi-function watch faces such as Speedometer (specialized for running), Multi-service (integrated with work, health care and sports) or Giddy (integrated sundial, face clock) moon, heartbeat, running steps). If you want to turn it into a simple watch, there are also options, from free to paid options are enough.

Huawei watch faces
Multiple watch faces

Regarding the ability to measure health, we have heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, stress monitoring, blood oxygen level (SpO2), blood pressure, skin temperature, menstrual monitoring for women. . One feature that Huawei smartwatch still lacks is ECG electrocardiogram, a feature that is also quite "hot" on Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch lines. 

These measurement features can be adjusted in the Health app to measure continuously or only when activated by the user. For a more holistic view of health, you should definitely enable automatic measurement, otherwise, doing so will also reduce the battery life of the watch. However, battery life is the strength of the GT 3 SE, which we will talk about later.

Some small features in health care include breathing exercises to reduce stress, reminders to get up after you sit for too long, reminders to drink water, reminders...

Huawei Health app

The watch integrates up to 100 different exercise modes, with exercises such as walking, running, cycling, swimming also divided into indoor and outdoor categories. The truth is that no one will be able to use all of these exercises, it's just that if you play very specific, few-player sports, the Watch GT 3 SE is also available.

Just like the watch face, the support application system has also been added by Huawei to no longer feel "empty" like previous versions. By default, the Watch GT 3 SE was able to reject or receive incoming calls, play music directly on the watch, view altitude and pressure, set alarms, find smartphones and get directions with Petal Maps.

Huawei Watch GT 3 SE
Battery life is a strength not only of the Watch GT 3 SE but of other watches from Huawei. According to the company's advertisement, its 451 mAH battery can "stand" for 14 days if used lightly and still up to 7 days if used a lot.

With my usage including turning on the always-on display (AOD), turning on health monitoring features including sleep monitoring, checking the time regularly, a day will use about 12% of the battery - equivalent to duration is about 8 days. Those of you who often use it to track exercises, use music applications, and maps, the battery life will decrease, so my data is for reference only.

What other options are there in this price range?

To summarize, the Watch GT 3 SE is a smartwatch with a number of features and usage that are not too different from its previous products. The most noticeable "reduced" point is the use of plastic materials instead of ceramic, metal and leather; Besides, it is a younger design instead of towards the "luxury" of previous products.

The biggest rival of the Watch GT 3 SE is the two versions of Huawei's Watch GT 3 that have been released before, because this duo since its launch has also had a significantly reduced price. The 42mm Watch GT 3 version is currently priced at the same price as the Watch GT 3 SE, with a personal design that I think is more beautiful and more suitable for Vietnamese wrists, but will have a screen and battery life not equal to the Watch GT 3. SE.

The 46mm Watch GT 3 version has more similarities than differences, the same size, the same Dive watch shape. Currently this version is a bit more expensive than the Watch GT 3 SE, so there is an upgrade in the quality of the exterior finish.

In the price range there are also options from other brands, for Xiaomi it is the Watch S1. I have not used this smartwatch directly to have an accurate comparison, but it seems to be made to counterbalance the Huawei Watch GT 3 46mm rather than the SE version, with a price close to the 5 million threshold, design metal and leather strap.

The amount of features of this watch is also not "mere" with 117 exercises, 24-hour heart rate and SpO2 measurement, 1.43 inch screen on 46mm surface, 5ATM water resistance and battery life also up to 12 days. in normal use.

Coming to the big brands, we will not have the latest and most powerful products, but we will have to choose the older versions. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 offers a modern design, the ability to measure electrocardiogram ECG, works in harmony with Samsung products, but the weakness is that it will have a lower battery life than products from China. Country.

If you want an Apple Watch, you'll have to look for a rather "deep" version, the Apple Watch Series 3. This line has been around for a long time, so it doesn't have the latest features from Apple such as ECG measurement, playback. fall detection, crash detection, screen overflow to the edges. Battery life is also not the strength of Apple Watch compared to options from Huawei, Xiaomi when Series 3 can only use from 1 - 1.5 days to be charged.

Conclusion: Huawei Watch GT 3 SE: Young design, strong battery, quite cheap price in the mid-range segment . 


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