Review AirPods Pro 2: Slight upgrade but better experience

 Apple announces the next generation of AirPods Pro 

AirPods Pro 2
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AirPods Pro 2022 (also known as AirPods Pro 2) is a version with relatively strong upgrades compared to the first generation launched three years ago.

AirPods Pro 2 was launched during the Apple Far Out event in September with the Apple Watch 8 series and iPhone 14 series. Although there is not too much upgrade compared to the previous generation, I am quite satisfied with what that it brings. Here I will share some of my reviews about AirPods Pro 2 after a while of use.

AirPods Pro 2
Source image Apple

In terms of design, there is almost no difference from the previous generation. You will still have an AirPods with a single white color, the material is still plastic finished and glossy. About the durability of the case I evaluate is still the same as the previous generations, that is, it is quite easy to scratch the face even though I only leave it on the table.

The difference this year on the case is that at the bottom there will be an additional place to place a small speaker. This speaker has the function of emitting sound when we remove the headset, when charging, when pairing or emitting sound so that we can easily find it. This year Apple also equipped AirPods Pro with 2 U1 navigation chips, along with the Find My application, so finding the headset is easy and the speaker sound is also quite loud.

AirPods Pro 2
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In addition, the side of AirPods Pro 2 is also designed with a small groove so that you can hook more wires. However, for me, I rarely use the hook, I usually put it in my backpack or at most attach it to an outside case.
AirPods Pro 2

The final difference in appearance is that on the housing part of AirPods Pro 2, you will have the noise-canceling edge moved upwards. This is a small change and must be noticed by someone who is very observant.

AirPods Pro 2
                                                                   Source image Apple

In terms of wearing feeling, I find it no different from the previous generation, still extremely comfortable. Apple does give an extra set of tips in the box, but I only use the default set of tips according to the headset.


New Adaptive Transparency Mode : 

The reason I mentioned this feature first is because I think this is the most valuable upgrade on AirPods Pro 2 and Apple has also focused advertising on it. With this mode, it is possible to reduce noisy sounds for a long time and still be able to hear all sounds from the surrounding environment.

AirPods Pro 2
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Assuming I bring it to the street, close to places where the construction site is under construction, I see the sound of car horns, hammers, chisels, etc., which is somewhat reduced, while I can still talk and hear. all your friends' conversations. In general, I find this feature very useful and it is much upgraded compared to the first AirPods Pro. 

Active noise cancellation : 

According to Apple advertising, the noise canceling mode on this version is 2 times better than the previous generation. In my experience, it's not to that extent, but the better noise cancellation is real. I turned on this noise canceling mode while I was chatting with people, it's not that I didn't hear anything, I can still hear a few sentences from my friends somewhere.

One thing I quite like about the noise canceling mode on AirPods Pro 2 is that the sound effects of this mode make me very comfortable. I have also tried wearing a few other True Wireless headphones in the same price range, but the noise cancellation effect on those headphones makes me quite uncomfortable, especially when worn for a long time.

New swipe gesture

This year Apple has integrated a swipe gesture on AirPods Pro 2. Now, at the location where you receive the touch, you just need to swipe up to increase the volume and swipe down to decrease the volume. I find this feature quite good, although it is a bit difficult to manipulate for those who are not familiar, often misaligned ears during manipulation.

Spatial Audio

With this feature on AirPods Pro 2, you will have one more customization that is Custom Spatial Audio. That is, in the process of setting up the iPhone will use the front camera to scan the areas of the ears, thereby giving the Spatial Audio level suitable for each person.

AirPods Pro 2

In general, according to my experience, it is not too different from the previous generation, I see that in terms of the ability to recognize when tilting the head or switching the sound back and forth, it is only really effective when you watch movies, especially action blockbusters, etc., while listening to music, I don't think it's necessary.

Sound quality

Actually, with AirPods, it is difficult to judge whether the latter is much better than the previous one, but this time I would like to confirm yes. The point that I find the most upgraded is the detail of the sound. I listened to a few songs with many instruments in the background, and I found that AirPods Pro 2 pushed these tones up very well and did not sink compared to the rest.
Regarding the bass, in my opinion, it feels a bit more solid and deeper than the previous generation, but for those of you "Bass players", I think AirPods Pro 2 still haven't fully met your needs. Because AirPods Pro 2 is designed in the direction of listening to a variety of music, I think that's too good.

The battery

According to Apple's advertisement, this year's battery on AirPods Pro 2 can support up to 30 hours of music playback, higher than the 24 hours of the previous generation. For me, I don't care too much about the battery issue, because basically for headphone manufacturers at the moment with 30 hours is already too ok.

Within more than a month of my experience, I found that AirPods Pro 2 can last for about 2-3 days if you listen regularly, and if you occasionally, it can last longer. With AirPods Pro 2, you can charge via Lightning, MagSafe or even the Apple Watch charger, which is extremely convenient.


Although this year there are no outstanding upgrades, but what AirPods Pro 2 brings really makes me satisfied. For those of you who love Apple products, this is a component in the ecosystem that you cannot ignore.


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