Instructions on how to find lost iPhone devices when powered off

 Many users who lose their iPhone while the device is powered off will regret losing their phone in regret. However, you should remember that the iPhone is extremely smart, it is capable of leaving many "signals" to help you search. Let's discover how to find lost iPhone when shutting down in the article below!

When you lose your iPhone while it's powered off, you need to first locate the device's last location before it was powered off via apps like Find My iPhone or iCloud.

Moreover, to be more prepared for unfortunate events, activate Find My iPhone now by following these steps: Go to Settings, drag to the iCloud application, select Find My iPhone and switch via Send Last Location (sends the last location of the iPhone before it was powered off).

Instructions on how to find lost iPhone devices when powered off

Using another iPhone or iPad device

First, go to the Find My iPhone app on another acquaintance's phone or iPad, sign out of the device owner's account, and then sign back in with the same Apple ID account in the lost device.

A list of devices that are signed in to that account will then appear. Click on the missing iPhone device to be able to locate it through the displayed map. At this point, you can easily zoom in or out of the iPhone's current location image and click on Action at the bottom of the screen to monitor the map more carefully.

Find My iPhone
Find My iPhone

After you have received instructions through clicking on the car icon, you will switch to the Maps application. Then, the last location of the iPhone will be displayed even if it has been powered off. And now you just need to search based on the identified location.

Use the computer

You can use a computer to find a lost iPhone, specifically the steps are:

Step 1: Log in to your Apple ID account on the website http: //icloud. com accessed by computer, select the Find iPhone icon.

Log in Apple ID
Log in to your Apple ID

Step 2: Click All Devices at the top of the screen and click on the iPhone device you are looking for.

Step 3: Then, the screen displays a map with the current location symbol of the iPhone device, based on that and start looking for iPhone .

Activate Lost Mode

In the process of using Find My iPhone to locate your iPhone, you can refer to the options in Lost Mode. After activating Lost Mode, your iPhone will automatically lock remotely, the screen displays a custom message with a phone number for easy contact when the device is found.

Activate Lost Mode
Activate Lost Mode

Moreover, the tracking mode as well as the phone locator will automatically activate. Even in case the phone location feature is not activated, for iPhones with Lost Mode installed, you can still receive location information until you get your phone back and disable it. Enable Lost Mode.

Lost Mode can only be activated if the iPhone is still operable. In case the device is powered off, you can only switch to Lost Mode if the device is backed up and connected to the Internet.

Notes to help enable Find My Lost iPhone feature

In case you lose your iPhone, there are a few things to keep in mind:
Always activate the self-locating feature when in use. In the worst case, you can still ask the system to send the last location location before the machine was powered off, so you can localize and find it easier.
Create and always secure your iCloud account carefully. iCloud is considered the key to help you find your iPhone if it is lost, moreover, you can also lock the device or erase data remotely to prevent information from being stolen.

That's all the information about how to find lost iPhone when shutting down that I want to share. We look forward to receiving your positive feedback after reading the article. Thank you for following my post . 


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