What is the Internet? Basic knowledge of the Internet

 What is the Internet? This concept seems to be simple, but not all users understand it. The birth of the internet is like a big turning point for the common development of all mankind. So what exactly is the internet? When did the internet come into being?


1. What is the Internet?

What is the Internet? The internet is simply a system that allows access to any internet-connected device around the globe. In other words, a name is a network of countless interconnected computers. It acts as an information transmission system according to the data transfer model.

The above system includes a series of computers and devices with internet connection of individuals and organizations that are closely linked together. Combined with that is electronic technology, fiber optic systems and wireless networks when arranged on the world's best.

The internet provides a wide range of useful resources and services. Notably, the application of printed hypertext is closely linked. This is a huge storage, allowing users of devices connected to the network to access.


What are the characteristics of the Internet?

The Internet is considered as a giant communication medium consisting of a network of computers connected around the world, using TCP/IP communication protocol to transmit information and serve many different purposes. So what are the characteristics of the network?


The first feature of the Internet is its globality. As can be seen, almost every country in the world is linked through the network (except for some countries like the Republic of Chad). This has increased international integration as well as removed barriers related to language, ethnicity and even narrowed the gap between people.


Next is interactivity. Unlike the one-way way of receiving information such as reading newspapers, radio or TV in the past, when the Internet appeared, people were able to interact more quickly and proactively with the data provided. level every day.

Combined with traditional media, the network has grown even more when it allows us to respond in multiple ways to information and to many other people. Not only that, many publishers and television stations can also develop their products on the Internet platform.

Ease of Access

In addition, the network is also accessible. Not only stopping at interaction, Internet users can do everything with information, from searching, exchanging, storing and sharing in the fastest and most convenient way. Anyone can access it, anywhere or at any time.


And the last feature of the Internet is publicity, that is, no individual owns the network and is not run by any organization. With just one smart device, everyone can use the Internet for many different purposes. We can find anyone's information and vice versa.

In addition, the Internet also has a number of other characteristics such as updateability (data information is updated 24/7), archiving (data information is stored regularly, users can easily search for it). all results and easily reproduced), diversity (information and data exist in many different forms such as images, audio, video, ..) and anonymity (the Internet allows users to access without no need to disclose information

2. History of formation and development of the Internet

The father of today's internet is three American scientists (Leonard Kleinrock, Donald davies and Paul Baran). The predecessor of the modern internet was the ARPANET project, studied in the period from 1969 to 1974. Accordingly, in 1974, people officially used the word "internet" to name the global network system.

The year 1980 can be considered as a turning point for the development of the internet system. Specifically, around this time, the US National Institute of Defense Science NSF at the establishment of a large-scale computer research center NSFNET. After 2 years, the TCP/IP protocol was officially standardized, forming a network connecting devices using the protocol around the world.

By 1984, the ARPANET network began to be widely used in the US military field. It gradually becomes a great advantage for the US military when it comes to large-scale military operations.

From 1995 up to now, the internet has been widely applied in many more fields, not only in the military as in the early days. It is estimated that in 2007, over 97% of information globally was exchanged via the internet. 

3. Working mechanism of the Internet

In order for the internet to work, it must first have a communication infrastructure. Components of this communication infrastructure include hardware devices and numerous software layers. 


Just like any computer network, the internet always consists of many routers. Along with that is the cable system, modem, installation kit. Each internet data packet is implemented by the most dynamic standard network protocols.

You can simply understand that the internet is like a physical network of cables that spreads across the globe. Including telephone copper cable, television cable and fiber optic cable. Even wireless connections such as Wifi, 3G/4G must also rely on physical cabling to maintain access.

When accessing a website, your device will send a request over the wire to a server system. The basic function of a server is to store web pages and send data back to the user's device. This process happens extremely fast, in just a few seconds.

3. The great role of the internet

If you understand the nature of the internet, you can partly understand the importance of this network. The advent of the internet has contributed to changing the trend of searching and transmitting information.

3.1. Huge repository of information
The internet is like a huge repository of information. Now when needing to look up any of this information, users just need to search on Google, Bing or other support tools.

Although not all knowledge is available on the internet. But it is undeniable that what this network is storing is extremely large. It is similar to a digital encyclopedia, a place for everyone to learn and improve knowledge.

3.2. Creating a digital business environment 

Not only is it a place to store a lot of information, the internet has been creating a digital business environment. It is a place where buyers and sellers do not need to meet in person but still easily exchange and buy. Internet businesses reach millions or even billions of customers. This is something that traditional business models cannot do.


Online business as an inevitable trend of the times. With the popularity of the internet, the customer's shopping process is certainly simpler and more time-saving.

3.3. Open up a rich world of entertainment

The world of internet entertainment is colorful, easy to attract any user. Movies, music, literary works or all kinds of other entertainment are available on the internet. Especially most users can experience these for free.

With just a computer or smartphone with an internet connection, you will easily open up a colorful world of entertainment. It is you who have the right to decide which form of solution to approach. It is very different from experiencing entertainment programs through traditional television and radio.

3.4. Connecting users around the world

The global internet opens a new era, changing the traditional concept of connected communication. With just a simple mouse click, you can easily send an email to one or countless users anywhere in the world.

Especially today when Social Network platforms develop, the process of connecting people with each other is even easier.

4. Some Downsides of the Internet

Downsides of the Internet

No one can deny the great benefits that the internet brings to people. However, the internet also has many potential dangers to users.

4.1. Make people lazy
The more convenient the internet, the more sluggish and lazy people become. Because almost anything can be found on the internet, it inadvertently makes users no longer interested in learning, lazy in research thinking.

Not to mention that the internet environment is potentially dangerous for children and ignorant users. The easy access to forms of entertainment such as games, movies, music, etc. makes it difficult for parents to control their children.

The habit of being inactive when sitting at a computer, surfing the phone for many hours continuously directly affects each person's health. Obesity, poor eyesight, .. Also from that was born.

4.2. There is a lot of junk content

Besides useful content that brings high value, the internet also contains a lot of junk content. They will gradually poison the minds of those who approach them. Children, ignorant people are easily oriented by bad content.

The internet is now an inseparable part of modern life. More than 90% of information globally today is transmitted through the internet environment. Thanks to the global network system, people's tendency to store and search for information has rapidly changed.


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