What is the best and most durable mobile phone to buy today?

 android phone

The current mobile phone market is divided into many different price segments, cheap phones, mid-range phones and high-end phones. The speed of technology development on phones is also developing rapidly, making users wonder which phone to buy.

So in this article, I would like to share the answers to help you with the necessary criteria to choose a durable, beautiful and affordable phone to buy.

1. Available phone lines on the market

The mobile phone market is strongly differentiated into smartphone lines, and a series of new trends and technologies are emerging to promote the development of the phone industry. But there still exist parallel "primitive" phone lines, temporarily, there are 2 main phone lines:

- Old (low-end): A mobile phone that at the time of manufacture is not considered a smartphone. Runs on proprietary software. The design is simple, compact and especially quite thick.

- New phone line (Smart phone): is a phone running on an operating system platform with many integrated features, especially using a touch screen, a lot of memory and many other multimedia functions. such as: web browser, Email, integration of 3rd party applications, and easy connection with other devices. Smartphones are currently running on operating systems such as: Android, Ios, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS.

2. What criteria do we usually pay attention to when choosing to buy a mobile phone?

Choose to buy a phone according to your needs and price
Product price is an important factor and determines whether users choose to use that product or not. Especially for customers who just want to choose a phone that meets their personal needs but also has a budget.

We often receive questions from customers such as:

- Which phone takes the best photos/photographs?

- Which phone is the best for gaming?

- Which phone has the best wifi connection?

- Which phone has the best security?

- Which phone supports wireless charging?

- Which phone has the biggest battery?

- Which phone is waterproof?

- Which phone is the best for listening to music?

- Which phone processor is the best?

android phone
How to choose a good phone brand

Many other questions related to price, and demand from consumers.

First with the question of choosing which phone to buy, we shared our experience of choosing according to needs first and divided into 3 groups of users:

- Objects of technology lovers: With this group of customers, we do not need to mention much, because they are technology lovers, have economic conditions, always follow trends and will definitely know. Which phone should I choose?

- Objects of office, employees: As a group of customers who have requirements to use a phone with a nice design, good configuration, especially a quality camera, it will be in the product group of 250$-500$ .

- Students, students: currently they are still dependent on the family economy, the product selection for the best children in the segment of 100$-200 million dong is relatively good.

Choose to buy a phone by operating system

The operating system is also quite important, each company will have different operating systems, with certain advantages and disadvantages. Popular operating systems: Android, iOS to Windows Phone or BlackBerry OS...

Android OS

As the operating system used by many phone companies, the price is quite rich from popular products to high-end products, so it can be suitable for many different audiences. With a cost of less than 2 million, you already own a smartphone used to read newspapers, watch movies or surf the web.
Android OS
Choose the best phone to buy - Android OS

Advantages :

-It's open source with highly customizable, massive Google Play Store app.

- Ability to multitask, run multiple applications at the same time.


Vulnerable to malware and viruses.

Too many app stores lead to difficulty in quality control, lack of really good apps.

Updates are not automatic for all devices.

IOS operating system

Because Apple has built and operated, not only optimizes the hardware but also has very high security. Only works on models manufactured by Apple.

Advantages :

Stable platform, highly compatible application.

Good security, rich applications.


Multiple programs cannot be run on the screen at the same time.

Exclusive to iPhone models and limited integration.

Windows Phone OS

This is the operating system for smartphones from Microsoft. However, the interface of Windows Phone is considered ugly and boring, not many features. Currently, this operating system almost appears in some Nokia phones.

BlackBerry OS

Absolute security, suitable for business people, towards users who need high security. This operating system has a big disadvantage that is the poor application store, not really rich. Blackberry is no longer in production, but it marks the beginning of smartphone development.

BlackBerry OS

Choose to buy a phone by memory capacity and Ram, Battery
According to statistics of Phone Arena survey of users' storage capacity that they want. As a result, 43% of users answered 64GB; 23% want 128GB and 19% say 32GB is enough.

If you are an image enthusiast, photography, videographer or a youtuber, you should choose lines with 32GB ROM min memory and support for external memory. Because the operating system has taken up almost 5GB of the machine's memory.

Ram is also quite important, but it will depend on the operating system that the user uses, the larger the Ram, the smoother and more stable your phone will be. But note that it also has a certain limit depending on the general configuration of the device.

On average, with Android phones surfing the web, listening to music ... the RAM capacity of less than 1-2 GB is fine. For smartphones that must be able to run heavy applications, play high-graphics games, etc., you should choose to buy a phone with at least 3 GB RAM.

Battery: unit is Mili Ampere Hour (mAh), the higher this number, the longer the battery life. With the current demand for phone use, the minimum battery capacity cannot be less than 2000mAh.

Choose to buy a phone by screen size
Screen size is also an important criterion when choosing to buy a mobile phone, especially in the Smartphone product line. Currently, the trend of smartphones with large screens is the world trend.

According to a latest survey from Android Authority, up to 50% of users prefer 5-5.5-inch screens, which is considered the standard size. With this size is not too big or too small, convenient to hold to play games, watch movies or read newspapers and easily put it in your pocket.

Where to buy cheap and quality phones?
Currently, the situation of counterfeit mobile phones is very poor, so choosing a genuine product with clear origin will ensure safety during use.

Where to buy a reputable phone it also comes with a warranty. This is very rare for people to know where to buy genuine products with quality, warranty, care, technical support, etc. Do not choose to buy phones at small places because of the cheap price. Or choose to buy at reputable electronics centers with clear and transparent policies and regimes. 

3. What is the best brand of mobile phone to buy today?

Apple phone

Apple is the world's largest computer technology corporation in the United States. Apple products from iPhones, iPads to Macbooks are known for their iconic symbol of a bitten apple. Despite the very high price, the number of people using products from this "Apple Dew" brand is increasing a lot.

The most prominent in the products is the Iphone line, which the company pays great attention to from the external shape design, the internal components, and the accompanying accessories, and the application technologies on the iphone... in general. Using Iphone shows 5 Star level.

Apple phone

Samsung phones

As one of the top famous brands in the world, Samsung is now considered the top heavyweight competitor of Apple.

The advantage of Samsung phones is the variety of models, the prices range from affordable prices from a few million to mid-range and high-end models up to tens of millions. So it meets most of the user needs.

In addition, Samsung also has the advantage of owning a slim, smart, luxurious design and using the convenient Android operating system. That is what makes the company more popular than other brands.

Sony phones

Sony is also a famous brand trusted by the world. When it comes to Sony, people immediately think about the camera. The company's strength is in terms of images, if you love image technology, or are passionate about photography, the Sony phone line is an ideal choice.

Currently, Sony is also practicing vibration to develop more in other aspects of the product such as: a more eye-catching and luxurious design, a leader in the development of water-resistant technology, and excellent performance. stability.

Nokia phone

Nokia phones are one of the most successful brands in Vietnam in the past years with a line of cheap and extremely durable phones. However, there are times when falling into ups and downs, the company's products are no longer popular. The company has made a lot of changes in the hope that Vietnamese people will not turn away from Nokia for a while.

Nokia phone

Asus mobile phone

Asus is known for its main strength in manufacturing and distributing laptops, now it has encroached on the mobile device segment and has a fairly stable market in Vietnam in particular.

The main product of Asus is the Zen phone line with good design, stable configuration and very affordable price for users. Besides, there are also some insignificant limitations of Asus, which is that the device is prone to heat when playing games for a long time, and the camera does not take good pictures in low light conditions. 

Oppo phone

Oppo phones currently have a strong foothold in the Vietnamese smartphone market. Oppo products are highly appreciated for their beautiful, eye-catching design, full of features and configuration.

With the high-end segment, maybe Oppo phones are definitely not comparable to senior phone brands like Apple or Samsung. But in the low-cost mid-range segment, Oppo is increasingly proving itself to be a formidable competitor that does not lose to any other brand.
Oppo phone

Xiaomi phones

Xiaomi is probably still quite new to users in Vietnam. In China, Xiaomi phones are dubbed the country's second Apple.

Xiaomi's products are quite diverse from smartphones, bluetooth speakers, bluetooth headsets to wearable devices such as smart bracelets or smart watches. They are highly appreciated thanks to their very beautiful design, luxurious configuration, but extremely low price.

Xiaomi phones

Through this article, we believe that you have been able to solve the questions in your heart about which phone to buy which is good, durable and affordable. Hope you find a good new phone and like it for your family.


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