USB-C will be required to be equipped on iPhones from 2024 in the European market

 In a number of reports in June, Apple was required to equip a USB-C port on new iPhone models from 2024 in the European market. Before that, the European Union had reached an agreement on a common charging port. New for all Smartphone models. Then, although a full vote by the European Parliament is required, it is "almost" certain to pass. The EU confirmed today that this has been adopted.

USB-C on iPhones

The main objective of this agreement is to cut electricity waste. Because for iPhone products that use their own lightning charging port, users from other products have to buy thei own charger. The European Union has long felt that the solution to this is to mandate a single charging port. This is the right time to use a common charging standard. Because before that, if the Micro USB port is adopted, this is really inconvenient because this charging port is quite difficult to use.

It is known that at the present time, almost all Android smartphones use USB-C as the charging port for the device. If this really happens, users only need to bring 1 charger and 1 USB-C cord to be able to charge almost all of their devices. Lawmakers in the US have also voiced support for this approach, saying it will reduce consumer costs as well as reduce e-waste.

Apple's USB-C iPhone Conversion Journey 

USB-C on iPhones

The law will force Apple to convert the iPhone port from Lightning to USB-C since the iPhone 16 generation. Before that, the US giant has gradually moved this switch although somewhat more slowly.

Apple started adopting USB-C for Macs in 2015, with the 12-inch MacBook. After that, the USB-C port became the only port equipped on the 2016 MacBook Pro. Until last year, when the company allowed the MagSafe port, SD card slot and HDMI port to be returned. The iPad switched from Lightning to USB-C in 2018, with the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models.

That makes the iPhone the only core Apple product that still uses the Lightning connection. Since the iPhone retained the older connection for many years after Macbooks and iPads adopted USB-C, some doubt that Apple will continue to do so until the port is completely eliminated. However, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported earlier this year that Apple will switch to USB-C in the iPhone 15.

Law passed with overwhelming votes

USB-C on iPhones
As expected, the law passed easily by the National Assembly. The new law, adopted by plenary session on Tuesday with 602 votes in favor, 13 against and eight abstentions, is part of a broader EU effort to reduce e-waste and facilitate for users to minimize unnecessary connection ports. It not only applies to Smartphones but also extends to all other devices.

Regardless of manufacturer, all mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, wireless headsets and headphones, portable speakers, e-readers, keyboards, mice, portable navigation systems The laptop can operate with a power supply of up to 100 Watts, will have to be equipped with a USB Type-C port.

The law will also apply to laptops from 2026, but Apple has of course used this connection for a long time. While the latest models have a MagSafe charging port, they can also be charged via USB-C.


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