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Android OS

Today, mobile users often download and use a lot of applications, but among them, quite a few people understand them well. So many of you still wonder which is the best Android application in 2022 that is suitable for downloading?  The TOP 10 Android applications voted as the best, all familiar names, voltage stabilization features for your reference.

1 . Facebook Messenger - Most used messaging app

Facebook Messenger

Technology is increasingly developing communication, texting, or calling now does not need to compose a traditional SMS but instead is a more modern application such as Messenger.

This is one of the most used applications, especially among young people around the world, and so far Messenger is still one of the most interested Android 2022 applications. Thanks to extremely special features, Messenger has received such an enthusiastic response.

Facebook Messenger

This is one of the most used applications, especially among young people around the world, and so far Messenger is still one of the most interested Android 2022 applications. Thanks to extremely special features, Messenger has received such an enthusiastic response.

Specifically, the operations on Messenger are very easy to use, any age from old to young, big and small can also tinker with it. Messenger allows you to text and call or video call for free, using this function is quite simple, you click on the phone icon or the video icon in the upper right corner.

In addition, the National App is also integrated with many useful features such as: hiding messages from strangers to avoid being disturbed, group video calls even if friends are in remote places, as long as there is Internet, they can still gather. with each other via a mobile screen to confide and even the ability to send voice recordings will make your phone a great walkie-talkie.

2. Brave Privacy Browser - The best Android app 2022 with high security

Brave Privacy Browser is one of the most popular fast web browsers in the world with high security and safety. The application can block ads and protect your device against malware while surfing the web thanks to the built-in AdBlocker. 

Brave Privacy Browser

Thereby, you can freely watch movies, surf TikTok, Facebook, ... without having to worry about annoying automatic pop-ups, also rest assured that no other device will track or steal it. information. The App even implements the HTTPS Everywhere extension, so you can ensure that your connections to websites are secure. 

With the smart search engine on Brave Privacy Browser, you will easily find information quickly in just a few seconds. In addition, you can also save your favorite web pages to revisit at any time.

3. Google Translate - The most popular translation app

Google Translate

                                            Google Translate - the most popular translation app

Surely young people who hear this Google Translate will feel very familiar. This is one of the most popular translation applications today with the ability to translate many languages in the world and is known as an application provided by Google for free on many different platforms.

With useful and handy features such as: offline text translation in 59 different languages, this child will help you not to miss any situation when there is no internet.

If you do not want to waste time typing, this application also has a voice text translation feature that is both fast and convenient. This is also the savior of those who travel in other countries but are not fluent in the local language, Google Translate will help you easily go anywhere without worrying about language differences.

Besides, there is also the ability to translate text through images, star so that you no longer miss important translation content.

4.LinkedIn - A social network dedicated to the business community

Build a brand on LinkedIn - the social network for businesses

LinkedIn is known as a social networking site dedicated to the business community that helps members register for accounts and maintain professional profiles. This helps a lot when employers are looking for information of qualified candidates and suitable for the job that the candidate is looking for.


Also on LinkedIn you can take advantage of their acquaintances to refer you to the company you are applying for. Hopefully, these useful information will help you impress employers and find the job you like best, good luck.

5. Snapchat - The best app for young people 

Google Fit

Snapchat is considered as one of the best Android applications that is making a splash among young people, with a series of new and special features such as creating photos with AR characters, playing games and messaging directly on games, ... 

In addition, Snapchat has another interesting point that is creating impressive photos with AR characters to help you create shimmering photos. You can discover a lot of content from friends around the world sharing to the page with just one touch. One feature you will definitely enjoy using this app is messaging with friends while playing games. 

This is a very useful application for your entertainment, please download and experience it right away. I hope it will bring you a lot of fun.

6.Google Fit - Sports Activity Tracking

Google Fit fitness tracking and statistics

Google Fit is an activity and health tracking application that helps you track and statistics your exercise data every day. Besides, you can sync data from many devices such as smart watches, Wear OS by Google,... to Google Fit to collect your health information. 

7. WhatsApp – Best Messaging App for Android


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps on the market. Some of the main features of this application include:

- Chat is free, secure, messages are encrypted end-to-end so no one can read them except the sender and receiver.

- Support group chat.

- Send unlimited photos, videos, documents.

- Share location, share contacts in contacts.

- No need to login and password because WhatsApp immediately uses your phone number to confirm registration and login.

- Choose wallpaper and notification tones for chats.

- Send messages to many people at the same time.

- Multi-platform support.

8.MX Player – Music and Video Player on Android

MX Player

MX Player is an application for watching movies and watching videos on Android that supports hardware acceleration, supports subtitles, and has a beautiful interface. Powerful video player with hardware acceleration support and advanced subtitles.
Some of the features of this application include:
- Android TV support
- Add A-B . repeat feature
- Add subtitle speed setting under submenu
- Easily zoom in and out videos by swiping and swiping across the screen
- Child lock lets you let your little ones entertain without having to worry about calls or other apps.

9.PicsArt – Android Photo Editor

PicsArt – Android Photo Editor

For photography enthusiasts, PicsArt is a familiar name because of its popularity.
With many unique custom effect filters and effects, drawing toolbar, reticle, contouring and many more functions, users can create artistic photos according to their personal taste. .
The software also allows users to share images with the PicsArt social community - the largest art sharing community on mobile phones.

10.Telegram Messenger - Telegram Messaging App

Telegram Messenger
                                                     Telegram super secure messaging app

Outstanding features of the application:

* Super secure messaging:

Telegram is considered one of the most secure messaging applications available today, comparable to WhatsApp by using the MTProto protocol. This tool also supports the premium option Secret Chat (Secret Chat), with the ability to encrypt the conversation. Accordingly, only the sender and the receiver will know the content of the conversation, no 3rd party. The application also helps users to erase all traces right after the conversation ends. Or you can also set a timer to automatically delete messages for chats.

* Sync all data on multiple devices:

Not only works on the phone, you can log in to your computer, ipad to make contact, check the content of previous messages,... This helps your activities on Telegram Messenger not to be interrupted. interrupt, you will not miss any messages.

* Create groups up to 200,000 members

Telegram is a powerful messaging application on a large scale, allowing to create chat groups with a number of members up to 200,000. Along with that is the ability to share videos, photos, ... large capacity up to 1GB. Chats and exchanges become faster and more convenient than ever.

* Integrated many exclusive stickers

Not only texting, calling, your conversation becomes more interesting with a collection of funny, funny stickers only available on Telegram Messenger.

* Photos, videos and files sent will be stored in the cloud

Your data will be synced and stored to your Telegram Messenger cloud account. Thanks to that, you can access previously sent file, video, ... content, manage your access history on many different devices.

* Free app, no ads

Protecting users' private data from 3rd parties (advertisers, marketers, ...) is one of the top important criteria that Telegram sets. Therefore, although this application is released for free, there are no ads appearing, ensuring your information safety.

If you are concerned about the security of today's messaging applications, do not hesitate to download the Telegram Messenger application. Extremely high security combined with data synchronization across multiple devices,... and other features of the Telegram app will surely satisfy you.


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