The Best Tech Cyber Monday Deals You Can Still Get Today

                         Cyber Monday Deals

  How to get the best Cyber Monday deals in 2022 -  experts tell you everything you need to know 

Cyber Monday 2022 is still a way off yet - in fact, the enormous online deals event doesn't take place until November 28. It's worth preparing early if you're looking to save some cash, however. Why? Well, it's the biggest date in the annual sales calendar, with online spending routinely eclipsing even Black Friday.

Every year we see thousands of excellent Cyber Monday deals, on everything from tech to toys, appliances, mattresses, clothes, books and more. It's a great opportunity to stock up on gifts ahead of Christmas. 

We'll be rounding up all this year's best Cyber Monday deals here come November, so bookmark the page, and come back for our expert picks from the sales closer to the time. In the meantime, you'll find a ton of useful information to help you know exactly what to expect from this year's event, from the kinds of products we expect to be on sale, to the retailers we predict will have the biggest discounts - plus how Cyber Monday deals compare to Black Friday deals , and whether you should wait. 

Cyber Monday Deals

When is Cyber Monday 2022?

Cyber Monday 2022 will fall on November 28th, so definitely mark that date down on your calendar if you're an avid deals-hunter. As always, Cyber Monday directly follows Black Friday as a kind of capstone event to what's essentially a whole weekend of deals. Many promotions will be carried over from the prior event, although you can expect some Cyber Monday specials too.

Also worth noting - nearly any big retail event (Cyber Monday included) is preceded by many, many early promotions. Last year's 2021 event was a particularly extreme example with Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart all launching 'Holiday sales' in early to mid-November. This year's likely to be no different in this regard. In fact, there are currently rumors of a second Amazon Prime Day taking place in October, which will most likely be an early Black Friday-style event. 

Is Cyber Monday better than Black Friday?

In short, no - Cyber Monday and Black Friday generally feature deals of similar quality. Both events also cover a similar range of categories

There have been a few attempts in recent years to distinguish these two events, with experts weighing in the main differences when it comes to content. According to an interview conducted by Business Insider, Steve Koenig of the Consumer Technology Association stated that "Black Friday equals big-ticket items" and that "many [people's] purchases end up being for themselves or their own households". 

That generally correlates with our own observations here at TechRadar - Black Friday tends to be the big event where people look for that new iPad or TV for their home, while the following Cyber Monday event has more of a 'Christmas gift' vibe where people pick up those miscellaneous items.

Because the Cyber Monday deals are often a continuation of those being offered in the Black Friday sales it's generally a good idea to shop earlier if you're after something really in demand. In 2021, we saw quite a few Apple items, TVs, laptops, and consoles sell out even before Black Friday rolled around, so be aware of that.

Is Cyber Monday too late to get a good deal?

No it's not, but just be aware that certain high-demand items might be sold out by the time that Cyber Monday rolls around. In 2021 we saw a few of the better deals on things like cheap laptops, Apple products, and consoles sell out within hours of being posted. Demand was pretty high, and retailer fears around supply chain disruption meant they were offering up their deals much earlier than before. 

With all that said - there will still be thousands upon thousands of Cyber Monday deals on offer in 2022. This year there's generally less fuss and worry about any delivery disruptions and no retailer will leave such a big retail opportunity on the table without offering at least some sort of deals. With the economy in question and people tightening their belts this year, it's likely demand may be lower across the board also.

Cyber Monday 2022: the deals we expect to see

Laptops - discounted MacBook Airs, Dell XPS 13, Chromebooks, Ultrabooks

TVs - cheap 4K TVs from Amazon, LG OLED TVs, Samsung QLED TVs 

Tablets - potentially lowest prices yet on M1 iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad 10.2

Smartwatches - again, lowest prices yet on Apple Watch 6 and SE

Games consoles - No PS5 / Xbox Series X, but Nintendo Switch likely

Headphones - AirPods, Sony WH-1000xm4, Galaxy Buds, all on sale

Phones - iPhone 13 and 12, Galaxy S21 unlocked, big Verizon deals

Cameras - Nikon, Sony, and Canon DLSRs and mirrorless cameras

Toys - big pre-Christmas sale at Walmart, Target, and others

Books - Amazon discounts, plus potential Audible promotions

Appliances - big sales on vacuums, air fryers, multi-cookers, instant pots

Mattresses - free accessories and upfront savings from leading online brands

Smart home - cheap Amazon Alexa devices, plus Google Nest

Tech remains the cornerstone of Cyber Monday deals and you can expect a ton of great prices on laptops, tablets, 4K TVs, phones, and smartwatches across the board. In recent year's we've seen the event expand out to include other categories - namely appliances and mattresses being two crowd favorites.

Cyber Monday Deals

How do I get the best Cyber Monday deals in 2022?
First thing's first, we'll be rounding up all the best Cyber Monday deals right here on this page, so if you want an easy-to-navigate index of expert recommendations, just simply bookmark this page and revisit. 

Regardless of whether you'll be flying solo or not, however, we do still have some tips to help score the best possible Cyber Monday deals.

1. Check in early

As with the prior Black Friday deals (which happen the Friday before Cyber Monday), we always recommend checking in early to see what's on sale. While it's not always a case of the 'early bird gets the worm', there are sometimes flash sales on sites like Amazon which are available for a limited time and in limited quantities. It's also likely that a lot of the best deals from Black Friday will spill over into the weekend too, so it's always worth it keeping an eye on things on Saturday and Sunday.

2. Know what you're looking for

We'd definitely recommend drawing up some sort of basic shopping list or a list of requirements well before Cyber Monday lands. For example, if you're looking for gifts then shortlist a number of options based on personal research. If you're looking for something like a 4K TV, set your budget, determine what size you need, and do a bit of reading in regards to brands and features. Similarly, with laptops you should think about what kind of specs and power you'll need and visit sites like Dell and HP beforehand to gauge what they're likely to offer on the day.

3. Be prepared to buy alternatives

Following on from our second tip, we'd also recommend keeping an open mind in regards to what's exactly going to be on sale. You may have a crystal picture of the exact laptop you want to buy beforehand but find it's not as heavily reduced as another similar choice. In this case, it's often best to be brand-agnostic if you want to bag the best Cyber Monday deals.
Which retailers have the best Cyber Monday deals
Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart tend to have the biggest overall sales over Cyber Monday - both in terms of the number of items on sale and in the steepness of the price cuts. We'd always advocate checking into those retailers first if you're looking for the juiciest deals, especially if it's on tech.
That said, there are a ton of other major stores that offer fantastic promotions over Cyber Monday. Big non-tech chains like Kohl's, Macy's, and Staples all run their own great sales which can cover everything from office furniture to clothing. Smaller, more specialized retailers are also fantastic if you know what you're looking for - think B&H Photo, Samsung, and DJI.

We've rounded up a few 'mini-reviews' for the top Cyber Monday retailers just down below, based on our own experience from covering their events.

Cyber Monday Deals

Amazon Cyber Monday deals

Amazon's best Cyber Monday deals generally revolve around its own range of smart home and streaming devices. Expect record low or close to record low prices on things like Fire TV Sticks, Echo devices, Kindles, and Fire tablets. Another key area will be consumer electronics, including Apple, Samsung, and Sony products. With all that said, the vastness of Amazon's inventory makes it a great choice for everything from clothes to health and beauty deals. 

Best Buy Cyber Monday deals 

Best Buy always runs fantastic Cyber Monday deals on tech and small appliances, namely things like cheap 4K TVs, laptops, Chromebooks, FitBits, and Coffee machines. For cheap electronics, it's up there with both Amazon and Walmart and it's also particularly good for appliances. If you're on the hunt for a cheap air fryer or pressure cooker then Best Buy is going to be able to hook you up this November. 

Walmart Cyber Monday deals

Walmart was one of the only retailers to offer a distinct lineup of deals for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday last year, not simply offering a continuation. Small appliances like pressure cookers and air fryers tend to be particularly good value at Walmart and you'll also find a ton of good options for cheap 4K TVs. Chromebooks and headphones also had great sales, although Walmart's sales in general didn't cover quite as much ground as Amazon's or Best Buy's. 

Dell Cyber Monday deals

For cheap laptops, it's hard to beat Dell's Cyber Monday deals. Last year's sales offered price cuts of up to 30% - and not just on super cheap options either, also on premium XPS 13 ultrabooks and gaming laptops. Speaking of which, Dell is also the home of the Alienware brand, so you'll definitely want to check in if you're looking for a discount on something a bit special.


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