The best smartwatch branding to buy in 2022


Technology is increasingly developing, smart watches are also gradually being used by more people and replacing traditional watches. Currently, on the market, smart watches are sold with many different features and qualities. However, finding a beautiful watch model that suits your personality is not easy. Let's find out the tips to choose to buy the most popular smart watches today through the following article.

 Tips to choose the best smart watch


The watch must be compatible with the phone

Currently, high-end smart watches have built-in operating systems and only interact with suitable phones. For example, Apple's smart watch models operate under the iOS operating system and are only compatible with Iphone or Ipad. Phones with Android operating system will not be able to connect with Apple Watch models.


Smart watch models operating under Wear OS operating system, developed by Google, Intel or Samsung can interact with both iOS and Android operating systems. So, when choosing to buy a smart watch, you need to check whether your phone and watch are compatible with each other.

Choose the right watch by function

Apple Watch
With the development of current technology, smart watch models are integrated with many functions such as making calls, messaging, listening to music, watching movies, monitoring health, positioning ... Depending on individual needs , you can choose the appropriate watch model. For example, if you want to buy a smart watch to give to your grandparents or parents, you should buy a product with a health monitoring function.

Note the battery capacity

Each type of smart watch will have different battery capacity parameters, you need to check this parameter before choosing to buy. Unlike traditional watches, the maximum battery life of a smart watch is about 7 days or less.

In addition, the information clock is also integrated with many features such as connecting to the phone, Bluetooth, listening to music, ... so it will need to consume a lot of power. Therefore, choose a great battery watch to use freely!

Water resistance

Water resistance is an extremely important factor when choosing to buy a smart watch. You should choose the right product for your water resistance needs. If you are a person who enjoys water activities, such as swimming, windsurfing, etc., you should choose smart watches with high water resistance. These products will have an IPX (waterproof rating) rating of 5 or higher and are waterproof to a depth of 50m. And if you just want to avoid water from daily activities, just use watches with IPX 4 or less.

Production brand

When choosing to buy a smart watch, you should choose to buy products from reputable brands in the market to buy the best and most beautiful watch model. Currently, brands such as Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, ... have launched many smart watch models in the market. So, you can easily choose to buy a watch that is durable and suitable for your own use. 

The best Smartwatches brands worth buying today

1 Apple Watch : 

Apple Watch

Apple is the leading brand in the world favored by customers of all ages. In particular, Apple Watch is a smart watch line that was launched in 2015. This is not only an ordinary wristwatch, but it is also a device that greatly supports the user's life with most advanced technology.

Apple Watch works under watchOS operating system, is charged with a flexible charging port, can use wireless or wired charging. With this smartwatch, you can use it to text, call, listen to music and even monitor your health. The screen is crafted from sapphire with high scratch resistance, combined with IPX7 water resistance, making it comfortable for users to use in any weather conditions, even in the rain. Currently, Apple Watch Series 7 is the latest version of this smart watch line

2. Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch
Photo by Vjeran Pavic

The Pixel Watch was announced in May during Google's I/O presentation. It was introduced alongside the Pixel 6A and Pixel Buds Pro, though, unlike those devices, it was left up in the air as “coming this fall.” Now, after an extended wait, Google has finally announced all the details on the upcoming smartwatch, along with details regarding the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, and other new Google hardware and features.
If it's been so long that you've forgotten what the Pixel Watch is all about, it's the first in-house smartwatch from Google, This is also the first smartwatch in the Pixel line, as Google seems to be aiming for a more complete ecosystem of its own to better rival Apple and Samsung — as opposed to evaluating on Wear OS partners like in the past. The Pixel Watch features a new Wear OS experience, health and fitness tracking by Fitbit (which may mean requiring a second app), and a domed circular design with UI elements controlled by its crown and side button in addition to touch.
3. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch is a smart watch model from a famous brand from Korea - Samsung. This product is equipped with sensor technology, including real-time heart rate measurement, blood oxygen measurement and blood pressure measurement. This is an extremely necessary health monitoring function for users. Besides, the Galaxy Watch has a classic design, the circular watch face is meticulously crafted with many versions with diameters ranging from 40mm, 42mm, 46mm… The bezel is manufactured from stainless steel to help the product. The product becomes stronger, more durable, helping users feel secure when using.

4. Xiaomi Watch

Xiaomi Watch
Source: Xiaomi
Xiaomi Watch is a smart watch line from the Xiaomi brand, with a simple design but still exuding a strong character, suitable for those with active personality and passion for physical activity. Water resistance of 5 ATM (the water column pressure that the watch can withstand) is also a factor that makes this model so popular, you can use it regardless of rainy or sunny weather, even is when you work underwater.

5 . Garmin Tactix Delta 
Garmin Tactix Delta watch

Garmin Tactix Delta is an outstanding smart watch model with GPS navigation system, providing users with specialized features such as mapping, music, advanced training, etc. The glass is crafted from scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Scratches combined with super hard carbon rims make the product more durable. The product has a matte black color with steel material, helping users become more prominent and masculine when wearing this watch model on hand. The Garmin Tactix Delta watch has a huge battery life, up to 21 days when using smartwatch mode and 60 hours when using GPS mode continuously.

6 . Huawei Watch

Huawei Watch

Huawei Watch includes watches that are made from high-quality materials, with a titanium case to enhance the product's durability. Most products have screens designed with sapphire glass, to improve scratch resistance and good impact resistance. Huawei Watch product lines are all equipped with health management features combined with many exercise modes, making it more convenient for users in daily life. The battery life of Huawei watch models is up to 21 days when using Ultra battery saving mode, with a capacity of 790mAh.

Conclusion : 

Currently, the above brands all have genuine distribution points in the world for customers to visit and shop. To buy a smart watch, you can visit its official store or its authorized dealers around the world. In addition, you can also buy goods online at the website, fanpage or e-commerce platforms.

Here are some of the most popular smart watch brands.


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