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Intel CPUs
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Although the new Intel 13th generation processors will be officially released later this year, a lot of information about the 14th and 15th generations has appeared to give us the best overview of the next generation processors. according to Intel.

The Arrow Lake 14th generation Intel Meteor Lake 15th generation processors will certainly bring many notable changes in performance, manufacturing process and socket design. Therefore, users cannot take advantage of current mainboards if they want to upgrade to new CPUs. Below we will explore this information in more detail.

Intel Gen 14 and Intel Gen 15 will use Socket LGA 2551

A source from YouTube channel Moore's Law is Dead confirmed that Intel Gen 14 Meteor Lake will arrive in 2023 and Gen 15 Arrow Lake is 2024 and more importantly, they will both use the new socket LGA 2251. That means they have a lot more contact pins than the current LGA 1700 that supports Gen 12 and Gen 13 CPUs. This is also reasonable information because Intel still changes sockets every 2 generations, but this upgrade is real. the sizable.

 CPU Socket LGA
Socket LGA
More specifically, the source also provides that the exact size of the LGA 2551 socket is 38mm x 46mm, which is only slightly larger than the LGA 1700 socket. That also means that Intel will arrange the contact pins. at a much higher density than before.

For comparison, the Intel LGA 2551 is up to 751 pins more than Intel's current socket, more than twice as much as the previous generation LGA 1200 socket, and 833 more pins than AMD's latest AM5 socket.

Details about Intel Gen 14 Meteor Lake

Intel Gen 14 Meteor Lake is expected to be manufactured on the Intel 4 process with many powerful improvements, promising to be a major breakthrough product to confront AMD 7000 series CPUs. Intel 4 is the 7nm process, but because Intel always achieves a higher transistor density than its competitors, Intel decided to change the name since last year.

Intel 4 process is also the first time that Intel uses the most modern lithography machines from ASML using EUV technology for high accuracy, good performance, promising to bring new processors with better IPC , more energy efficient and more competitively priced (thanks to higher production efficiency).
Intel Gen 14 Meteor Lake
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It is expected that Intel Gen 14 will start shipping around the first half of 2023 and be ready to sell widely in the second half of the year. That is, we can buy Intel Gen 14 about 1 year from now.

In terms of architecture, Intel Gen 14 still has a large core combined with a small core. Both core clusters have been redesigned with the P-cores being Redwood Cove and the E-Cores being Crestmont. Intel will offer a variety of CPU options from super power efficient with a TDP of 5W all the way up to 125W on desktops.

 Leadership Roadmap
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Integrated graphics are also upgraded with Arc Tiled GPU, Intel no longer calls it iGPU but tGPU. Perhaps this is also a way of advertising to users that the new integrated graphics will have much more powerful performance than what iGPU can do.

This new GPU will use the Xe-HPG graphics architecture with many performance and power improvements, support for DirectX 12 Ultimate and XeSS. With these equipment, the prospect of fighting high-setting eSport games without a discrete card is not far away. Laptop models without discrete cards will also benefit greatly from powerful integrated graphics.

Details about Intel Gen 15 Arrow Lake 

By 2024, Intel continues to scale back progress with Intel Gen 15 Arrow Lake. This processor, although still using LGA 2551 socket, has changed almost everything inside. Core clusters have also been improved, where the new P-cores are called Lion Cove and the E-Cores are Skymont. What's even more impressive is that the multiplier has been increased to... 40 cores, 48 threads (8 P-Cores + 32 E-Cores), this multiplier even exceeds many dedicated CPU lines for current super workstation.

 intel 20A Gen 15 Arrow Lake
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With the Gen 15 CPU, performance promises to be significantly improved, especially in multi-threaded processing thanks to the huge multiplier. Integrated graphics are also greatly improved. 

TSMC's N3 process
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Intel Gen 15 will be manufactured on the Intel 20A process (5nm but with a transistor density of 2nm). Integrated graphics of Intel Gen 14 and 15 will both be manufactured on TSMC's N3 process.


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