Should I buy a laptop from a reputable, quality laptop brand?


Should you buy a laptop from a reputable, quality laptop brand that users trust and choose?

Are you looking to buy a laptop? But there are too many laptop brands up to the present time on the market, so which company should buy the best and most durable laptop? I will help you list the TOP 7 laptop brands trusted by consumers to choose, helping you choose a laptop model that suits your needs as well as your pocket.


1. MacBook

MacBook is a laptop model of the Apple brand - a large American technology corporation, known by many Vietnamese users for its luxurious and compact design. In particular, it is high quality of international standards, with a good after-sales policy at warranty centers around the world.

Most users choose MacBook, because the device easily connects to other product lines of Apple's ecosystem such as iPhone, iPad, ... to help synchronize data with each other and simplify work. At the same time, the macOS operating system on the device also offers better security, ensuring your data is always safe.

Currently, the two main product lines of MacBook, are MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Suitable for all needs of users, from basic needs such as Word, Excel, ... to more advanced needs such as photo editing, movie making, ...
Overall, MacBook is a premium brand, for those who are passionate about powerful devices but still bring a modern, beautiful design and feel "luxurious".

In addition, another reason why MacBooks are sought after by many users is thanks to the M1 chip for extremely stable performance and will cost slightly more than other MacBook lines. However, if you are looking to invest in a machine with good performance for many more years, it is well worth your consideration.

2. Dell 

When it comes to Dell, many users will immediately remember a reputable laptop company from the US established in 1984.

In 2018, Dell was honored to rank 2nd in the group of the world's largest computer companies in the Computer Industry category according to Forbes data, showing the trust of many customers worldwide for laptop products. Dell brand.

laptop Dell

Most of Dell's laptop models impress users with laptop models with sturdy and durable designs, giving a sense of security and certainty when carrying around and using.

This also makes many users immediately think of Dell laptops when they want to choose to buy a durable laptop for long-term use.

Besides, Dell also has many different laptop lines, suitable for all needs and budgets of users. The Dell Inspiron, Vostro lines will have a sufficient configuration with a pretty good price, very suitable for students - students, office workers. As for the Dell XPS and Latitude series, they hit the high-end segment, which will be more suitable for business people, …

Laptop Dell
It can be said that Dell laptops span all segments of users, helping people find a satisfactory laptop model that suits their needs, promising to bring new experiences to users. use.

If you are a user interested in durability on a laptop, you can refer to some of the following Dell laptop products that are trusted by many users.

3. HP

HP is a long-standing laptop manufacturer from the US founded in 1939. In 2016, HP launched the HP EliteBook Folio laptop line and immediately won the title of Best Laptop and Best Device – Laptop ultraportable business at CES 2016.

HP is a laptop company that focuses on bringing the best technology to users and it has been very successful in the hearts of users when it comes to laptop products with beautiful designs and high quality.
Laptop Asus
HP laptops have a sophisticated, good-looking design

HP laptops are known for their beautiful and slim design, but still meet the needs of users through the company's proprietary technologies built-in.

The HP Pavilion, Envy lines are aimed at general users, suitable for basic learning and working needs. However, the HP EliteBook, ProBook, etc. lines will be suitable for groups of customers with higher requirements, needing a device with powerful configuration to serve more professional needs such as editing, photo collage, etc. video,...

Not stopping there, HP also launched the HP Omen Gaming laptop line with powerful optimal configuration, suitable for the gaming needs of today's young people.

Laptop Asus
Many HP laptops have good configuration to operate professional editing applications

HP diversified laptop lines to easily reach many user segments, to serve the different specialized needs of customers. HP is one of the laptop brands trusted by many Vietnamese when its products are always sought after.

If you are interested in high-quality laptops with beautiful designs, you should not ignore HP laptop models.

4. Asus

Asus is a multinational technology corporation founded in 1989. In 2015 and 2016, Fortune magazine recognized ASUS as one of the most popular companies in the world, showing the attraction of the Asus laptop brand in the world. world.

At the same time, this is also a laptop company that has been favored by many users in the market for many years.
Laptop Lenovo
                                                   Compact, delicate is the Asus series
Asus is a laptop brand that is known by many students and students thanks to its accessible price, beautiful and trendy design, and stable performance. In addition, Asus laptops also have a variety of models as well as focus on the needs of users to be able to create the best device.

Asus divides its laptops into many different lines, if Asus VivoBook is in the popular segment with the cheapest price, then the Asus TUF Gaming series will be a laptop line for gamers, or a high-end Asus Zenbook series for business. with an extremely luxurious and classy design.

And recently, the appearance of Asus VivoBook Pro OLED has surprised users, when a mid-range device is equipped with a high-end OLED screen.

Laptop Lenovo
Compact, sophisticated is the Asus VivoBook series.

With many different laptop lines, Asus laptop models are popular with Vietnamese users thanks to their quite affordable prices, suitable for many financial possibilities of users. This makes Asus the first choice that many people think of when they need to buy a laptop for students.

Should I buy an ASUS laptop? Which lines are worth buying for students?
If you are looking to buy a laptop for students that has a reasonable price with stable performance, you can refer to these laptop models.

5. Lenovo 

Lenovo's laptop lines are a balanced choice between configuration and price. Lenovo models are equipped with unique features to serve each individual needs such as: office work, gaming, graphic design, ... of Vietnamese users. That is also the reason that makes Lenovo one of the best laptop brands today.

Laptop Lenovo
Lenovo is known for its good build quality and affordable price tag.

Similar to Asus laptops, products from Lenovo often target reasonable prices but still bring customers modern laptop models with good quality. Popular Lenovo laptop lines such as IdeaPad, ThinkBook or Yoga are suitable for many office tasks from basic to complex, and have been reaping many successes in the market.

Besides, Lenovo's Thinkpad laptop line is also very famous for its buffalo, durability and excellent keyboard, especially suitable for you learning programming or jobs that have to be typed a lot.

Laptop LE NOVO
Recently, Lenovo Legion gaming laptop models have also suddenly received a warm welcome from technology lovers because of their powerful configuration, trendy design and very affordable price.

Lenovo asserts its position through product quality, design and reasonable price. This is a good brand that you should buy and own products from this brand.

If you are looking for a laptop that balances performance and price, you can immediately see the Lenovo laptop models that are receiving a lot of love from these users.

6. Acer

Acer is a multinational corporation in electronics and computer hardware, established in 1976 with the name MultiTech, in 1986, the company changed its name to Acer. Through many years of establishment and development, Acer is the third largest computer manufacturer in the world today.

Acer first entered the market with personal computers in 1996, up to now, Acer is still a laptop brand trusted by many Vietnamese customers thanks to its high quality at a good price.

Laptop ACER
Acer's product lines all have quite modern and beautiful designs along with reasonable prices and segment diversity. Acer is well-known for its Acer Nitro series - a gaming laptop with extremely powerful performance, which has received a lot of love and enthusiasm from gamers.

In addition, the Acer Aspire product line has also achieved great success, when possessing a good price and stable performance, ensuring smooth performance of basic tasks such as surfing the web, watching movies or playing devices. Light graphic design.

In addition, Acer laptops also have a plus point, which is to support a good heat dissipation system to help the machine operate stably for a long time and always keep it cool.
Laptop ACER
The company's laptop models all bring good quality to use, suitable for choosing to buy and use for a long time. Segmenting product lines also helps the company meet the specialized needs of a wide range of users most effectively, whether it's gaming or office tasks.

In addition, if you are looking for a good gaming machine or a stable performance office laptop, you can immediately refer to the pretty good Acer laptop models above.

7. MSI

MSI is a multinational company specializing in technology, established in 1986. In 2015, MSI laptops were also rated 4th in the TOP of the world's best quality laptop brands, based on many factors. such as design, product quality, support services, software, etc.

Laptop MSI

For most users, when asked about MSI, users often think of high-configuration gaming laptops with strong and sturdy designs. The characteristics of MSI laptops will be extremely suitable for gamers or graphics professionals when possessing a powerful configuration that is well suited for tasks that require complex graphics processing.

Recently, the MSI Modern laptop series has been launched, surprising users with its beautiful monolithic design, and stable configuration for office tasks, aimed at the student segment. office staff at a very affordable price.

It can be seen that, besides the success of MSI's gaming laptop models, the company always knows to find new aspects to meet the needs of users. 

Laptop MSI
In general, MSI is a laptop company that balances its product lines, from powerful gaming laptops to study laptops with extremely stable performance. It is worth choosing to support your own study, work and entertainment.

MSI laptop models will meet the criteria of durability with powerful configuration when you are looking to buy a laptop. 

Hopefully through this article you will find a laptop company that meets your requirements and choose to buy a laptop model that meets your needs. 

So we have answered the question of which brand laptop to buy. Each laptop brand has different advantages, but in short, they all give users the best experience when using their products. So when choosing to buy, you should consider to choose the right laptop that suits your needs.

If it was you, which laptop would you choose to buy? Leave a comment to let us know!


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