Samsung announces memory chip roadmap: DDR6 will be released in 2026

Samsung announces
                   Dr. Si-young Choi, Samsung Electronics' President and Head of Foundry Business,
                                                   at Samsung Foundry Forum 2022

According to computerbase, Samsung introduced its memory chip roadmap at Samsung Foundry Forum 2022. As shown in the figure below, Samsung will enter the 1bnm process phase next year, 2023. Furthermore, chip capacity memory will reach 24Gb (3GB) – 32Gb (4GB). In addition, the speed reached the mark of 6.4-7.2Gbps. In terms of VRAM memory, the new generation of GDDR7 video memory will be available next year. Therefore, the next upgrade of the new generation of AMD and Nvidia graphics cards can use GDDR7 video memory. Besides, the company also revealed the roadmap to launch DDR6 RAM. 

Samsung's DRAM Roadmap
                                                          Samsung's DRAM Roadmap

In addition, Samsung has also implemented some long-term vision. The company plans to launch DDR6 memory in 2026 and achieve native 10Gbps speeds in 2027. Samsung is also the first to reveal the launch date of the DDR6 standard. Samsung has also revealed its flash memory roadmap, with the V9 NAND chip expected in 2024. Samsung previously revealed at Tech Day 2022 that its 9th generation V-NAND is in development. According to the company's schedule, the chip will go into mass production in 2024. By 2030, the company expects to stack more than 1,000 layers of NAND to better support data-intensive technologies in future. It also announced that the world's highest capacity 1TB TLC V-NAND will be available to customers later this year.

At Samsung Tech Day 2022, Samsung Electronics President and head of the memory business, Jung-bae Lee, said the company has produced a total of 1 trillion GB of memory over 40 years. The interesting part is that about half of the 1 trillion GB has been produced in the last three years.

Samsung DRAM and V-NAND

Samsung claims it has been a leader in DRAM and NAND for 30 and 20 years, respectively. Currently, Samsung is developing the fifth generation 10nm DRAM (1b). It is also developing eighth and ninth generation NAND (V-NAND). The company promises to continue to deliver the most powerful combination of memory technologies over the next decade.

Finally, the company reiterates its overarching goal of enhancing customer value. Samsung also claims to be pursuing a customer-driven development philosophy to further expand its ecosystem partnerships.


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