Huawei MatePad - Tablet with 2K screen removable keyboard

 Huawei MatePad 2022 has a high-end design, a sharp screen compared to the price range, but the configuration is less prominent

Huawei MatePad 2022

MatePad 10.4 version 2022 is a rare tablet model in the mid-range segment with a keyboard and protective case. With an operating system emphasizing multitasking features, a long proportional screen, the product is aimed at users with simple usage needs, which can replace a personal computer at a low cost. In the same price range of $ 300, the device is a competitor of Galaxy Tab A8 2022, Lenovo Tab P11 Plus or Oppo Pad Air.

Huawei MatePad 2022

When removing the keyboard, MatePad 10.4 weighs only 460 grams, 7.35 mm thin. The overall size of the device is significantly smaller than the third-generation iPad Air, although the screen is only 0.1 inch smaller. Compared to rival Lenovo Tab P11 Plus, the machine is also 30 grams lighter and the screen border is thinner.

Huawei's tablet can be comfortably held in either landscape or portrait position with one hand. The product has an ebook mode that converts the screen to black and white to make the reading experience for a long time less tiring and less harmful to the eyes. 

Huawei MatePad 2022

Compared to other products in the same segment, the new MatePad 10.4 stands out with its metal frame design. The back of the machine is plastic but creates an imitation of aluminum for a firm grip, limiting dirt. The power key, volume up and down are arranged in the upper right corner when holding horizontally. USB-C port, beautifully crafted external speaker system. However, the device omits the 3.5mm headphone jack - an important equipment for tablet users to replace conventional computers.

External speakers are a big advantage on the machine when there is a 4-channel surround sound system, fine-tuned by Harman/Kardon. Actual testing shows that the sound quality is good, enough for personal entertainment with balanced bass and treble.

Huawei MatePad 2022
MatePad 10.4 stands out in terms of screen, design and speaker system, but in terms of configuration, it is less impressive. The machine uses Kirin 710A chip, Mali-G57 graphics chip and RAM memory stops at 4 GB, equivalent to Lenovo Tab P11 Plus or Oppo Pad Air.

Huawei MatePad 2022

Huawei's tablet runs Harmony OS based on Android, EMUI 10.1 interface but no Google Play services. However, this disadvantage on tablets is less serious than on smartphones. Users can still access YouTube, Gmail and other services through the same browser as a laptop.

In the test, the machine can open 2-4 applications at the same time on the screen and display in different windows. In normal conditions, at the level of two software, the machine configuration can handle with good speed and is significantly slower when opening the third application. The machine can also split the screen with different software like on the Windows operating system.

In addition, users can also turn the MatePad 10.4 into a screen to expand the workspace or transfer files between devices in the Huawei ecosystem.

The MatePad 10.4 2022 has an additional 8-megapixel rear camera, but the quality is just average. The device can be used for young children with its own application, Kid Corner, with Vietnamese content, managing time for children. With a battery capacity of 7,250 mAh, the device works continuously for about 12 hours.


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