How to free up memory space on Android phones ?

Why is my Android phone full of memory, crashing apps and slow loading speed? It's time to clear your cache ! 

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The Android operating system often crashes the app or is full of memory, which makes us waste time finding the cause of the repair. The following article will help you fix this problem.

This is a fun tip and especially useful for Android phone or tablet users. This will help you free up space and fix some of the performance issues that cached files cause. Before diving into the details of how to clear cache on Android, you need to know what are caches and why they exist?

What is cache memory?

Cache is a temporary storage area on a device. This memory helps the machine save background data or web browsers when you start them for the first time. Thanks to that, on the 2nd visit, you will see faster loading speed and loading speed. This helps users to use the phone more conveniently.

Example: When you visit a website for the first time, the cache stores this data so that the device does not need to download it again the next time you visit it. This saves time and data for the machine.

There are two caches on Android, the application cache - where all temporary files on the application are stored, and the Chrome cache - where the files of the web pages are stored.

Chrome is the default web browser on Android, so the article will cover this browser's cache. Other browsers will have their own caches.

Why should you clear cache on Android?

You might be surprised to learn that temporary files in the cache can take up gigabytes of your phone's memory. If you're using one of Samsung's newest smartphones without a microSD card slot, you'll understand the value of an external memory card.

Some phones are frequently slow to load which could be a sign of a full cache. Clearing the cache makes the device work faster. This also frees up storage space.

But that doesn't mean you clear the cache daily, once every few months is best. You should monitor the cache regularly, when it starts taking up a lot of space or the phone is getting slower then it's time to do it.

Steps to clear app cache on Android

Step 1: To clear the cache on an app, long press the app icon. Some action buttons will appear, click the "i" or "app info" icon in the right corner.

Step 2: Then scroll down and select the item “storage” . The next interface will show exactly how much space the cache is taking up.

For non-Samsung phones, you can access the list of apps in the Settings menu.

Step 3: Tap on Clear Cache in the lower right corner to delete all temporary files stored by the app.

Clear Chrome Cache on Android phone

Steps to Clear Chrome Cache on Android

Step 1: Access the Chrome browser. Click the ellipsis icon in the upper right corner, then go to the History section.

Step 2: In the History section, tap “Clear browsing data…” at the top.

Step 3: Chrome will give you an option to choose the time range you want to delete. Open the drop-down menu and select the desired range or select All time to clear the entire cache. Then click on the options to delete.

Step 4: Click the Clear Cache button in the lower right corner to clear the browser cache.

Clear Chrome Cache on Android phone

Will clearing cache lose all your data?

The cache is where temporary files are stored. It has nothing to do with your data. For example, if you clear the cache for Facebook, it will not delete your account or any of your posts, comments, and photos. So don't worry, all the data stored on the phone will not be affected after clearing the cache.

The cache will slowly rebuild over time. Clearing the cache is like cleaning the phone. Remember to do this every few months to keep all your apps and web activity in tip-top shape!


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