Google Pixel smart watch launched first


Google Pixel

Round design, 2.5D tempered glass and impact-resistant metal frame, Google Pixel Watch smart watch could be released in October.

After years of speculation about the birth of a smartwatch, images and information about the launch date of the Google Pixel Watch have surfaced on a number of technology sites. Google's smartwatch has a round, thin design, finished on a metal frame. This technology company seems to use 2.5D glass on the front and impact-resistant edges like on Samsung and Huawei products. Meanwhile, the original strap set can include many colors, matching the background color.

With the current images, it can be seen that Google's upcoming smartwatch may support features such as health monitoring, heart rate, support for replying to text messages by voice, and possibly more features. support sports activities similar to many smart watches today.

Google Pixel

Google's smartwatch is equipped with a touch screen, Wear OS UI user interface, designed specifically for wearable devices. Most likely, this watch will use hardware developed specifically to synchronize and optimize with software features, similar to how Apple does with watches and smartphones. This is in line with rumors about the Google Silicon project, which creates hardware for its future devices. 

The Pixel Watch has shortcut buttons that allow users to launch apps or start workouts with a single tap/swipe. These options and more can be customized on the Google Pixel Watch app. 

According to rumors of experts, the Pixel Watch is expected to be announced in October, at the same time as the launch of the Pixel 6 smartphone. 


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