Android's little-known feature can help you find your lost phone

 A not so prominent feature of devices with Android operating system can become very useful when you unfortunately lose your phone.

Android OS

Not only phone users using Android operating system, anyone can lose their mobile device and that is a terrible scenario indeed. If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of losing your phone, you'll understand that the chances of finding or recovering your data are very low, especially if you lose it in a public place. Of course, there may still be kind people trying to find a way to return your device, but not everyone is lucky enough to come across such people. Now, Android users can be somewhat less dependent on the kindness of a stranger with a feature on the phone that not everyone knows. 

Those using newer versions of Android can enable the “Find My Device” feature to track their phone via Google Maps. This feature allows the device to emit a sound so that the owner can find the phone more easily if it is close enough. In the worst case, Find My Device can also erase all data on the phone if it cannot be recovered. However, this is not your only option. There is another Android safety feature that customers might consider enabling while the "mobile phone" is still in your possession to increase the odds of getting their phone back in the event of a loss.

Use your device's lock screen to provide contact information
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Some Android phone models allow the owner to set the setting to pre-compose a short message, and when the phone's screen is locked, the message will be displayed on the lock screen. Basically, you can type whatever you want in a message, but for the sake of labeling your device with your name (like writing your name on a book), it's a nice feature can be used to get your device back if it is lost. To prepare for the worst-case scenario like when your phone can't be located, you'll want to use a message on the lock screen to display information so someone can contact you to return your phone. That information could include things like email addresses, social media, or another frequently used method of communication. 
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On most Android phone models, you can find the message option on the lock screen by going to Settings, selecting Display, then adding text by tapping the Lock screen option in the Screen menu. lock pattern. Depending on the manufacturer of your phone, the menu name may be represented slightly differently or may even be located in a different location in the settings. A quicker way to check if this feature is available on your device is to search for "lock screen messages" or something similar in the search bar in the Settings app.

If you don't have this feature don't worry, here's what you can do instead

Android phone brands often provide their users with some features similar to leaving a message on the lock screen. However, the ability to add text to the lock screen is not something that is available on all devices.

Instead of using your Android smartphone's settings to enter contact details, you can use third-party apps to take advantage of their useful features. There are message apps on the lock screen like Heynote that you can download and install easily from the Play Store, these apps let you decide how to post your messages and apply it as your wallpaper lock screen. Similarly, you can also use photo editing apps like Picsart to design your own lock screen wallpaper with your pictures and contact information.

Using a lock screen background with your contact information can be beneficial when you lose your Android phone and you want anyone who finds it to know how to contact you. However, it also brings some risks as anyone can see personal information every time they look at your phone screen.

To be on the safe side, limit sharing your home or work address. Instead, choose an online means of contacting them, especially on platforms and services that allow you to easily stop communicating with them in the future after they return your phone, such as an email address email or your Twitter, Instagram account name


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