7 certain things when buying a new Samsung Galaxy phone

 Usually, when buying a new Samsung Galaxy phone at a store, the operating system and basic applications are pre-installed. However, in order for the device to work more effectively with each individual, the user himself needs to perform a few more installation steps.

Samsung Galaxy phone 
Here are 7 useful settings for Samsung Galaxy phones that first-timers should try.

1. Samsung Account Setup

The first thing you need to do is create a Samsung account. This helps back up data to Samsung Cloud, in case the phone is lost or when you want to restore the data in the event of a new phone.

Besides, if you accidentally lose your phone, you also need a Samsung account to use the Find My Mobile service - a feature that helps you locate and find your device.

To set up a samsung account, go to Device Settings > Accounts & Backup > Manage Accounts > Add Account > Samsung Account and follow the account creation process. 

2. Set the side key to launch the power menu

Samsung Account Setup

With a new Samsung Galaxy, pressing and holding the power button activates Samsung's Bixby voice assistant by default. However, you can also change to bring the power button back to the function it should be, which is used to turn the phone on and off.

Go to Settings > Advanced features > Side key and select Power off under Press and hold.

Now, when you press and hold the power button, your phone will display the power off menu instead of waking up Bixby. This is one of the most basic ways to make Samsung phones more user-friendly.

3. Swipe down from the Home screen to access the Notification Panel

Home screen

A very useful setting that is not enabled by default on Samsung phones is to swipe down from the home screen to open the notification panel. Therefore, many people are forced to bring their hands to the top of the screen, which is quite inconvenient for people with small hands.

To change this setting, go to Settings > Home screen and enable Swipe down to see the notification panel.

4. Switch Default Apps to Google Apps

setting galaxy phone

If you prefer using Google apps to Samsung alternatives, you can set them as your default by going to Settings > Apps > Choose default apps.

5. Uninstall Unwanted Apps

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

There are about 30 pre-installed Samsung apps on Galaxy phones. To uninstall unwanted apps, go to Settings > Apps and tap an app to open its info page, then tap Uninstall > OK to remove the app.

If you want to uninstall multiple apps at once, the above method can take a lot of time. In that case, you can bulk uninstall the apps as follows:

1. Open the app drawer, tap and hold an app you want to delete.

2. On the pop-up menu, tap Select .

3. Select all the apps you want to remove and tap Uninstall.

4. Keep pressing OK on each pop-up window as they appear.

Please note that it is not possible to uninstall some Samsung apps including Galaxy Store, Bixby, Secure Folder, My Galaxy, AR Zone, Samsung Free, etc. as they are an integral part of One UI.

6. Hide unwanted apps from app drawer

Hide unwanted apps

For apps that can't be uninstalled or disabled, there's still another way for you to move them out of your sight.
To do this, go to Settings > Home screen > Hide apps and select all the apps you want to hide from your home screen and app drawer. Once selected, tap Done.

7. Double-tap the Power key to quickly launch the camera

Settings galaxy phone

Do you often miss precious moments because it takes too long to open the camera? Fortunately, you can set your Samsung phone to quickly launch the camera by double-tapping the power button.

Go to Settings > Advanced Features > Side Keys.

Enable Double-tap and select Quick camera launch.


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